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 Flash back and future plans

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PostSubject: Flash back and future plans   Flash back and future plans I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 2:53 pm

Jakusha was, like all leaders of ninja villages, in his office, either doing paper work or dealing with other matters. I asked for the job.....and here I am doing it..... He thought to himself as he continued to fill out paper work. He did ask for it in a way, but not in this manner. He wanted to journey around aimlessly, like he had no purpose, but this was a good thing too. This way, he could give that dream to others that wanted it. Looking at his desk, his hand stopped writing as he looked at his old Leaf ninja headband he had before he was given permission to leave. So many many missions.... He slowly started to day dream about the times when he was a Genin taking on the Chuunin exams. As the seconds went by, his grip on the pen slowly loosened, eventually falling on the desk. Jakusha's eyes never left the headband, remembering everything that happened that day, the challenges, the matches, his old teammates, his old sensei.

Then his mind skipped, to the night he last saw his team and sensei. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to forget what happened, wishing something would snap him out of it but it keep playing in his head. Seeing the lifeless bodies of his team and sensei on the ground with three other ninja, while one stood over them as if he was the Grimm Reaper himself. Jakusha remembered the fear of that day, the same cold chill ran down his spine as it did back then, as sweat started to slowly build on his face. The fight for his life followed, not knowing what to do, just going off of reflexes, shutting off his mind and letting his body defend itself. Seeing everything that happened that day, taking in every detail as if he was living it again, everything became clearer to him. He could make out the face of his attacker, the clothing he wore, and the headband he had.

Suddenly, Jakusha snapped out of it. "The Headband......." He quickly jumped up and ran to the side wall that had a map of all the known villages and their respective symbols. "Where is it....WHERE?" He skimmed the map as if he's life depended on it, and finally found the symbol. "So...that Missing-Nin was from Takigakure huh? The Hidden Water Fall Village.....thats not far from here...." Jakusha pulled out a Kunai and stabbed it into the map, right on the location of Takigakure. "Note to self....visit that place....and get a headband...." For some strange reason, Jakusha felt as if that village took something from him, even though it was Missing-nin's who attacked his Chuunin squad. Feeling as if he owed it to his old squad, he decided to go to that village once the Chuunin exams were done and over. I might need a escort when I go.... He walked back to his desk and sat down, finishing what little paper work he had left. Once finished, he grabbed his old Leaf ninja head band and tied it to his right leg, and grabbed his Sound ninja headband and tied it just above the Leaf one, showing which village he supported more at this point in time. He then stacked all the papers on his desk so the assistants know which ones to pick up and what pile of papers were what.

He leaned back in his chair, kicking his feet up onto his desk and looked up at the slow moving ceiling fan he had in his office, thinking.....What am I forgetting to do?


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Flash back and future plans
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