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 The Arashi Clan (not done...a work in progress)

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The Arashi Clan (not done...a work in progress) Empty
PostSubject: The Arashi Clan (not done...a work in progress)   The Arashi Clan (not done...a work in progress) I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 07, 2009 4:31 am

Name: Arashi Clan (Arashi...means Storm or Tempest)

Kekkei Genkai: The ability to hear, see, and manipulate sound/vibrations, no matter the pitch. Even though this is their KKG, they have to train it to perfect it.

To Hear, they have to go through intense chakra control training on all parts of their ears until they no longer need to put chakra into their ears. From doing the training, the ears can hear like a bat, but the user can decide if and when they can hear the sounds/vibrations.

To See, they have to push their chakra to their eyes, another training method like for the ears. They do that until they no longer need to strain their eyes to see the sounds or vibrations. It is like a radar almost but with sight. They can see the pitch and length of the sound and where it is coming, like the Hyuuga see chakra.

To Manipulate, they first have to see and hear the sounds/vibrations.Then once that is done, they have to fuse a little of their chakra into it from their chakra points, which takes training. From there, they can make the sound pitch really high or really low, and even aim it at the person they are in combat with. How they manipulate the sound determines what sort of damage they deal, either internal or external damage.

Chakra Usage: To See, Hear, and Manipulate all at the same time takes 1 point of chakra a piece per post. (If you do all three and maintain it for 2 posts, it costs you 6 chakra points, for one, it's 3. Just to hear, or see, it takes one chakra point. Remember, you have to hear and see the sound/vibrations to manipulate them) (so the 3 chakra needed to use this KKG added onto the sound jutsu's they use, makes a E-Rank Jutsu cost between 4-5 points)

Clan history: The Arashi Clan is a small, yet stable clan that live within the borders of the Rice Field Country. They were always small, but they have their reasons why. From the use of their Kekkei Genkai, they helped give Otogakure its nickname as "The Sound Village".

Native village: Rice Field Country, Sound Village: Otogakure

Clan's enemy: was the Fuuma Clan from the same Country....not the ones from Rain Country.

Clan alliances: none (for now)

Clan symbol:
Clan weapon:

Clan jutsus:


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The Arashi Clan (not done...a work in progress)
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