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 Kokuei Curse Mark------Jakusha Hyuuga {wip}

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Jakusha Hyuuga
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PostSubject: Kokuei Curse Mark------Jakusha Hyuuga {wip}   Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:41 am

(I know I need 380 posts for a curse mark...also..I am making this more as a means to give to people that want it rather then have it my self..please tell me if I can do that later when I get to my 380th post. Also, I'm in the process of training a jutsu that allows me to create Curse Marks. I will wait for the "380 post rule" until I give this out. Thank you)

Name: Kokuei (dark shadow)


Description: Level 1: increases speed and dexterity 3x, strength is increased by 25%, chakra goes up by 40 points. (Draw back: any hits take 50% more damage. Example, 3 damage is done normally, but in level 1 they take 6, 7 becomes 14, 9 becomes 18, etc)

Level 2: Speed and Dexterity is increased to 5x from its original number, Strength stays the same, chakra goes up by 80 from where ever their current chakra level is at. The marked will be covered in a shroud of darkness as if it is a cloak. They will be able to do any type of jutsu that they know in this state. (Draw back: hits still do 75% more damage. Example, 3=8, 7=19, 9=25, 10=28. easy way to figure it out is to take the normal damage, multiply it by 0.75, then multiply the damage you took by 2 then add in the number you got when you multiplied by 0.75, getting the damage you took rounding up. Example 3 x 0.75 = 2.25, 3 x 2 = 6, 6 + 2.25 = 8.25, rounding off it equals 8 damage taken!! 10 x 0.75 = 7.50, 10 x 2 = 20, 20 + 7.50 = 27.50, rounding off it equals 28 damage taken!!)

Level looks: Level 1: This will spread over the entire right side of the body
Level 2:

Location of the mark: Right shoulder blade of the one marked.


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Kokuei Curse Mark------Jakusha Hyuuga {wip}
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