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 Otogakure Hospital

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PostSubject: Otogakure Hospital   Otogakure Hospital I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 8:44 pm

Den was taken to Otogakure on the back of one of Jakusha's clones, hating every moment of it. He did not want to be carried to his new village like some helpless fool, it was demeaning. He was laid down in a bed in the hospital and told to rest for a whole day, A whole day? I'm definetly going to have to do a lot more training after I get out of here.

Den laid on the bed for hours, going over his fight with the clone ver and over again, mostly focusing on the moment when he somehoe was able to perceive things so much better then normal, he could tell the speed at which the water moved and everything, it had been amazing. As Den thought about it he saw that his vision was changing again, he was somehow able to perceive things much better then before.

Den got out of the bed, noticing that the pain was almost gone from his arms and the rest of his body. he found a mirror and looked into it, looking at his now red eyes with one tomoe on it. I have the Sharingan?

Den had recently learned about his clan, and that it was the Uchiha, but he had no idea that he possessed the Sharingan as well. Den wondered how he should test it, and immiedietly remembered that he hadn't destroyed his building that contained his machine. Den jumped out the window and headed back to the Grass Village, not wanting anyone to use his own machine.


Once Den got back he immedielty got back into the bed, hoping that Jakusha hadn't noticed that he had left. Den decided that he should sleep for awhile, he didn't want his team to think he was weak when he was actually just tired. Den slept for about six hours before he woke up and got out of the hospital, deciding that he should go meet his team.
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Otogakure Hospital
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