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 Tenshi Yakuza

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Tenshi Yakuza
NR Genin
NR Genin

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PostSubject: Tenshi Yakuza   Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:45 pm

Name: Tenshi Yakuza

Age: 14

Rank: I'm applying for Chuunin

Gender: (Male or Female)

Clan: Yakuza Chakra molding


Personality: Tenshi’s personality is demonic yet peaceful. Tenshi has the basic personality. He has the brain of a young boy of course he can be a bit perverted but not that much. Tenshi loves celebrations and having parties. He also loves birthdays and his own he gets extremely excited during any party. His favorite season is winter he loves the cold. Tenshi’s birthday is December 12 that’s why he loves winter and the cold. For some reason he can withstand cold better than a normal person. He does like girls and isn’t in the little kid stage of eww girls are gross. But Tenshi is pretty nice he has a great personality and loves to make new friends hang out and just chat with people. He has no desire to abandon his village and go rogue he is very loyal. He has average intelligence and if tested would get maybe a B or A he still isn’t that big with school. The academy was Tenshi’s favorite year of his life. It’s very hard for Tenshi to accept change like becoming a genin and leaving the academy. Now to talk about his bad side Tenshi still has a temper and insults people when he has insults thrown at him. He will attack when taunted or to defend himself. So there you have it a personality of a young boy

History: so they named him Tenshi. It was still a nice name for a boy. After having Tenshi his mother and father took him home. So Tenshi’s mother was named Yuki and his father was named Kira. Kira was thirty, seven and Yuki was thirty, four. Tenshi was the second born child he had one older sister named Sakura she was five years older than him. So Tenshi grew up and when he was five years old he finally became interesting. He made friends and played around the leaf village. First everyday he would get up and eat a stash of candy that he hid inside his closet. His father was a jounin and attempted to train Tenshi but Tenshi never seemed that interested with his training Tenshi was born in December in the leaf village. His mother and father believed he was going to be a girl he liked playing with his friends more than training with his father. So Sakura was ten years old and joined the academy at age nine. Tenshi’s birthday came around and his parents got him a toy sword. He and his friends had battles with every child they could find around their age using toy swords knives and other objects. Sakura was eleven by then and graduated from the academy to become a genin. She received a blue headband that she cherished. Tenshi continued playing with his friends for another year.

So Tenshi was seven. Then around that age he started to like this girl. Her name was Megan she was about his age. Tenshi liked her from age 7 until age eight when he asked her out to be his boyfriend and she said yes. Tenshi had a girlfriend! Sakura got Megan to dump him though by pulling a very mean prank on Tenshi. So Tenshi got really pissed off at Megan and the time had come to pull the ultimate prank on her. Megan was walking home around nine o’clock… Tenshi’s parents were out in the market. Tenshi then pretended there was a burgaler in the house Megan screamed and cried forever. Tenshi laughed for the whole time! Over the years Tenshi got even more bored being embarrassed to play the childish games he played with his friends even though he wanted to play them so badly. Tenshi enlisted in the academy at the same age Megan did at age 12 thought he graduated…

Village: Leaf

Rank: Chuunin

element: Water and Earth

Nindo: No retreat no surrender

Equipment: Kunai , Shuriken , four demon wind shuriken , and one katana

Jutsu: Multi shadow clone Jutsu, Ninja art: Hidden Mist Jutsu, Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu, Yakuza Kekkai Genkai: Great chakra molding Technique.

Clan: Yakuza

RP sample: Tenshi walked into the training field. Today he is trying to accomplish the art of Shadow Clone jutsu. Tenshi started with some meditation to focus his mind on the training. Slowly he began to think about the jutsu and how it worked. How to split his chakra between the clones he created and how to create so many.
Tenshi then jumped into the air. He landed on a tree branch above the area where he was meditating. First he would use the basic cloning technique that was taught to him in the academy. Tenshi breathed in lots of air and breathed out. He then jumped up and cloned himself into three clones. Tenshi then used them to all throw a kunai at a tree. Each clone and he threw a kunai at a tree. Two of the knives hit one hit the grass about a meter away from the tree.
Tenshi then threw four shuriken at the tree and so did his clones each shuriken hit! Yes Tenshi had accomplished part of his training. Tenshi’s clones disappeared in a puff of smoke. Dividing his chakra in such a way was difficult for Tenshi. Now Tenshi had some accuracy and control over his clones. So now Tenshi had to learn how to create more than a couple of clones. Tenshi attempted in making four clones but he failed and only created two. Darn Tenshi’s skill with creating more than four or three clones was very bad. Tenshi concentrated and focused his chakra on the task at hand. Nothing was in his mind but the thought of creating more clones…
Then it happened poof seven clones were created and Tenshi held them intact. He and his clones threw kunai knives at a tree for about thirty minutes. This was such a long time to be holding clones together.
After so much his clones disappeared in puffs of smoke now to master this technique Tenshi didn’t have much chakra left so if he didn’t master it now he would have to master it later.
Tenshi concentrated and he formed the hand seal tiger with his hands. Poof there was a huge amount of smoke as about thirty clones appeared. Tenshi held them together and danced around happily the clones jumped in. He and his clones threw knives and shuriken at the trees for about fifteen minutes then Tenshi collapsed after using so much chakra and feel right asleep. The clones disappeared in smoke and Tenshi had mastered his technique…
Tenshi came back to the training field this time his training would be for a Ninja art. Ninja art Hidden mist jutsu… Tenshi formed the hand seals and said “Ninja art Hidden mist Jutsu!” The Whole area was covered in mist but it immediately faded.

Tenshi formed the seals again and the area was covered with mist but he was able to hold it for about a minute. Tenshi coughed and sat down. He forgot his meditation!
Most of the time Tenshi needs meditation to focus his chakra this time he had forgotten and now he would need to start over. Tenshi breathed in and out then he sat down. He meditated for about thirty minutes. When he was finished he got up and started his training again. “Ninja art Hidden mist Jutsu!” The whole field was covered. He looked around and he was even doing the hand seal. “Wow I did it!!!” Tenshi was excited to master a hidden mist technique.

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Ayame Kaguya
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PostSubject: Re: Tenshi Yakuza   Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:14 pm

Use Jutsu Description Forum and copy and paste the jutsus from there

Also you haven't filled in you gender. You must also do your Yakuza clan or choose some existing ones if you want to be in a clan.


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Dexterity: 45
Strength: 45 (+4 to physical attacks from Kaguya Bloodline)
Intelligence: 10

Jutsu List

My apperence
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PostSubject: Re: Tenshi Yakuza   Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:21 pm

Only Genin or Neo-Akatsuki for now unless you have admin permission....
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PostSubject: Re: Tenshi Yakuza   

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Tenshi Yakuza
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