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 Egress's Raiton Techniques (WIP) [Continuous]

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PostSubject: Egress's Raiton Techniques (WIP) [Continuous]   Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:51 pm

Name: Lightning Style: Lightning Dragon Projectile [Thunder Dragon Strike]
Rank: A
Element: Lightning
Skill: Ninjutsu
Range: Close-Long
Description: Ration: Rairyudan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning element. Egress is able to transform Raiton into a dragon. They can be launched from his body such as arms, mouth, or his skin. However, it's best used by sending an electric signal, or in this case- a chakra signal, to the skies to take control of the cloud's electrical energy. Tkaing advantage of these clouds of thunder, deadly lightning dragons will emerge to strike down on their opponent. These lightning dragons are dangerous as they travel in an accurate and steady rate, actually penetrating through one's target compared to other Raiton ninjutsu. Any alteration of their movement is based on excellent chakra control. There could be only a maximum of four lightning dragons at one time because of the chakra difficulty. ["Multiple Lightning Dragons"] These technique can be equaled and shattered by a Fuuton technique of same rank or higher or a Raiton technique of same rank or higher such as Raikiri. Because this technique is quite powerful, a direct attack can cause massive pain, not to mention instant death if one is not careful. This dragon can also be formed from other Raiton techniques just by transmitting chakra to the remaining lightning. Traveling at a fast speed, it'll shock much in its path. Because of this, Egress had created it so he didn't have to rely on Chidori's close-range speed thrust power as it'll pose a danger to him. Now he can attack from a far-distance and he no longer needs to rely on Sharingan.
CP: 8 (per dragon)

Name: Lighting Style: Thunderstorm
Rank: S
Range: Close-Long
Element: Lightning
Skill: Ninjutsu
Description: Raiton: Raiu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning element.

Name: Demonic Illusion: Kaminari
Rank: A
Range: Close
Element: Lightning
Skill: Genjutsu
Handseals: Sheep, Rabbit, Ox, Bird
Description: Magen: Kaminari is a Genjutsu technique utilizing Sharingan or hand seals. The illusion causes the victim to witness as if they were struck by lightning. It affects one's sight and auditory senses. After this technique is performed, a thundercloud will emerge and begin to flash. Because of the extreme and heavenly noise erupted from the thunder, it'll cause the victim's ear and hearing to go numb and hear nothing but the noise of the thunder. This makes it effective as the victim is focusing on the thundercloud, they can't a shuriken or kunai heading towards them and they'll fail to react to it. After that, the thundercloud will unleash a sharp bolt of lightning right towards the victim- moving at the same rate as Raiton: Gian. The victims will believe they'll be struck by actual lightning and therefore will be forced to run away from the lightning. Even if they do stay so, the lightning will reach down and crash with them, but doing no harm of any kind, except that the area the victim is standing on has been destroyed. As they're distracted by the shock, the caster can take the time to retreat or to land a fatal attack to the victim. This technique can only be countered by an opponent who has excellent chakra control and can stop their chakra flow entirely (advanced High Jounin level skill), but will result in a four post vurnability as they cannot use chakra for that certain amount of time. It could also be countered by someone who has a three-tomae Sharingan or higher.
CP- 8

Name: Lightning Style: Takemikadzuchi [Lighting Release: Thunder Blade]
Rank: B
Range: Close
Element: Lightning
Skill: Ninjutsu
Description: Raiton: Takemikadzuchi [Raiton: Hekirekiri] is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning element. The user first pours large amounts of chakra into their hand(s). Then, by forming the needed rabbit handseal, the user is able to create a short curved sword (like a scimitar) made from lightning. The entire sword will be in its pure form and sparks of lightning will arise from the blade as well. Because of this, the user is able to combine their own kenjutsu skills with this and they can be able to match the Lightning Swords or Chidori Blade techniqeu without the use of a metal stimulus. Though this is excellent in defending from B-rank Doton based ninjutsu, C-rank Taijutsu, and (elemental enhanced) normal metal attacks (excluding Fuuton), the exact moment it touches Futon ninjutsu though, it'll quickly evaporate into a small stream in just three posts. Another uniqueness of this technique is that the user will feet "purified" or "enlightened", similiar to being "baptised" from one sins or being "pacified." Because of this, the user will always have great coinfidence while using this technique.
CP- 7

Name: Lightning Style: Raijuu
Rank: A
Range: Close-Mid
Skill: Ninjutsu
Element: Lightning
Handseals: Snake, Bird, Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Clap Hands.
Description: Raiton: Raijuu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning element. After forming the needed handseals, the user releashes a huge electrical current throughout their body. This current will then start to morph until it forms a huge flame-like spherical shield of lightning. The sphere will then start to form eyes and claws on its sides, looking very much like a demon. The uniqueness of this technique is that it works as an offense and defense. Raijuu is said to be able to withstand massive impact and so it can withstand any elemental ninjutsu technique below S-rank, any Taijutsu technique (at the cost of it being completely destroyed of it's A-rank or higher), and elemental kekkei genkai C-rank even in an un-purified state. Because of this, it's an excellent but dangerous choice for any last minute defenses from attacks. The user can also send Raijuu away as a shield and more of a ball of destruction. Just by blowing in it, Raijuu will leave the user and attack anything the user wants to attack, its claws ready to shred through the enemie's flesh. Unfortunately, Raijuu could only land one hit in its offensive stage. Also, it could only travel within a nine meter radius from the location of where it was launched. In its defensive stage, it only works for one shot if it's S-rank elemental ninjutsu, A-rank or higher Taijutsu, and C-rank elemental kekkei genkai. Anything lower than that, and it'll be for three shots maximum.
CP- 9
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Egress's Raiton Techniques (WIP) [Continuous]
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