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 Just "Hanging" Around. (Literally. XD;;) [Open to anyone.]

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PostSubject: Just "Hanging" Around. (Literally. XD;;) [Open to anyone.]   Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:04 am

Miyako walks outside in the sun light, clouds over head. Her game system in her hand, though on pause. She didn't feel like playing right now. She stopped outside of the forest, glancing at it shortly. She then turned on her heel, letting her feet guide her into the dense underbrush. The damp foliage bent as it brushed her legs, but it didn't snap, which was nice. Miyako didn't like to annouce her approach, prefering to stick to the shadows. The sun barely shone though the thick tree leaves, rays of light only reaching her pale skin now and again. She jumped onto a tree branch after a moments thought, standing there and then sitting on the damp wood.

I smell rain..........

She looked down at her game for a moment, then glanced around. She swung herself upside down, using just her legs to hold herself up as her thumb whirled over the game consols many buttons and simply hung there, the sound of the games music eeriely loud in the silent woods as the rain started falling, the patting of raindrops on the leaves was somewhat....calming. Miyako smiled slightly was a breeze picked up, waving her brown hair around under her.
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Just "Hanging" Around. (Literally. XD;;) [Open to anyone.]
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