Hello guest and wellcome to Naruto Rivals also known as NR. Here on NR we rp as our own characters not canons sorry guys. We also have 2 main rules that are.

1. Have Fun

see ya

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This is an all out naruto rpg site.
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 Tachi S. Shitsunen WIP

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NR Genin
NR Genin

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PostSubject: Tachi S. Shitsunen WIP   Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:36 pm

Name: Tachi S. Shitsunen

Age: 26

Rank: A-Ranked Missing nin

Gender: Male

Clan: Shitsunen



History: Tell us a little about your character, the more the better.


Rank: Most likely you will be starting out as an genin unless given permission from a Admin.

element:(water, fire, lightning,earth,wind) you can only have two.

Nindo: (What is your way of the ninja?)

Equipment: what does your character carry with them?

Jutsu: Put all your jutsus you know in this section.

Clan: You can use any clan from the show, or you can create your own!

RP sample: the RP sample, here you show the staff your skills and if really good the staff may let you be in a higher rank. Remember quality over quantity.

How did you find us?: How did you learn about this site?
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Tachi S. Shitsunen WIP
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