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 The Sound Ninja Mission

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PostSubject: The Sound Ninja Mission   The Sound Ninja Mission I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 14, 2009 4:46 pm

(after 3 days of traveling)Red walked through a forest close by the village.He was traveling along with his sound ninja compain Methais.Who was a fellow Hyuuga.Methais used the wind element and could fight from arange that was something Red was weak in Range combat.Up close Red could even take on a Kage but from a distance Red was as weak as twig .They was looking for the villge in the water Fall village location.Red was wearing a grass headband to show no ties to the sound.Red Byakugan was actaive as he walked through He began to see the gates of the village."Methais" He said in a calm relaxed voice.It was hard to tellred was extitced but he was.He could see the gates of the Watefall village."I Think I see it the villge".Red could belive it since they had no map they was just fallowing strangers directions and their own instact to find this villgae.

Health: 100
Chakra: 70
Speed: 108
Strength: 108

With Byakugan
Health: 100
Chakra: 70
Speed: 118
Dexterity: 112
Strength: 118

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The Sound Ninja Mission
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