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 Red other sword

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PostSubject: Red other sword   Red other sword I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2009 6:20 pm

Name:Kuro Ryuujingitou :: Ceremonial Blade of the Black Dragon-God
Description:A weapon of beauty and grace, this blade was created by the Seikouki Head, Kariya Seikouki, himself. It has a 440 stainless steel blade, made from refined metals from Kasai's own volcano, just like all Seikouki blades but this was has been tri-layered, making it was sturdy and sharp as an blade twice its size, but it does loss the sheer speed of a usual Seikouki blade. It is 39-1/4 inches long overall, with a 26-1/8 in. The blade has been sharpened to pinpoint accuracy, making it sharp enouh to cut through other refined metals, anything less potent than steel will be cut through like a knofe through butter with his magnificant blade. It is also beautifully embroiled, with gems and jewels placed on the sheath and handle, placed as grips to help in battle.

It's crossguard is decorated accordingly, with the same silvery steel that the blade is created with. The sword also houses an engraved dragon, mid-blade, it's a traditional black Shenlong (Dragon-god) just like the powerful black dragon it represents. With the black dragon is also a black jewel that could only be seen if one looks very closely. This is the Jagan, the very jewel for which the sword in named. For the Jagan holds the dreaded Kokuryuu (Black Dragon), a black dragon from the depths of hell said to be endowed with the power to control the flames of hell. Around this legendary jewel the words of the Seikouki Head, engraved in the dragon. "For this sword is the possession of the Kajikage, of Kasaigakure, and all the village's people. If a Ash Ninja holds this blade in there hand, Kasaigakure is alive but if a Kajikage hold this blade in their hand, Kasaigakure will be prosperious."

-Capabilities: The sword of the Kokuryuu's spirit has all the abilities of the dragon itself. But before they have access to these powers they must over come the sword. A person touches the sword the will suddenly go into a trance from their they will enter the universe with in the Jagan, where they will meet the Kokuryuu himself. The spirit of the dragon will talk to the person who enters his domain and if he see the person is fit he will become one with this person, endowing them with the sword's powers but if he doesn't see them as fit, he will eat their soul and sword will destroy the person's body, leaving nothing but the blade. The only person that was ever able to subdue the spirit was the Kajikage himself, something even the creator, Kariya, couldn't do. Once mastered the sword is said to be able to suck victims into Hell.

If the person is accepted by the Kokuryuu then they will be able to use it's power to draw and control the the pale flame, white fire, of hell and be able to blast them and control them through the sword. In essence, the sword is able to control all fire and flames and can withstand all burns. But this sword is a curse as well! Once the person fuses with the Kokuryuu to gain the sword's powers, the dragon becomes a part of them and the sword works as a seal to keep the dragon in check. So if the user of the sword is to nit have the sword on their person and their life is put in danger, the dragon's soul will awaken in their bodies and partially transform them into the dragon giving them heightened powers but making the person lose control of their own power, making possible for the dragon to take over their body or, worst, for their power to detroy them. Because of this the sword has to be held (or on the user's hip) to suppress the dragon's spirit.
Image:Red other sword OrnateMedievalDragonSword
Element(If Any):Fire

Chakra Cost 15

Health: 100
Chakra: 70
Speed: 108
Strength: 108

With Byakugan
Health: 100
Chakra: 70
Speed: 118
Dexterity: 112
Strength: 118

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Red other sword
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