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 Makojin Clan (WIP)

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PostSubject: Makojin Clan (WIP)   Makojin Clan (WIP) I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 05, 2009 4:12 pm

name: Makojin Clan
Kekkei genkai: The Akumagan [Demon Destruction Eye]

Makojin Clan (WIP) Akumagan

Abilities of the Akumagan:

- The Akumagan allows the user to see and read chakra in different colors. The Akuma's percievement level is a bit vauger than the Sharingan and Byakugan. It's still able to pierce through an organism's body and read the chakra flow and can also tell the chakra colors of elemental techniques.

- The Akumagan allows the user to utilize and control the unique ability of telekinesis. The user can mentally and invisibly move objects. They can only move non-living items or small organisms. The bigger the object that is being moved is, the larger the strain implaced on the user's head, which can be reduced if one has a significant mastery of Taijutsu. Clan chunins are able to use telekinesis to lift and sustain themselves in the air, but it is only limited to them. However, such power can only be used while the Akumagan is activated and the object must always be in the user's field of vision or balance is disrupted.

- The Akumagan allows the user to utilize and master an ability its clan holders have been feared for. They're able to compress and harden certain amounts of their chakra and fire powerful energy blasts made from their very own chakra. The color of these energy blasts range from laser beams to power waves and the color of it depends on the user's own chakra color (since everyone has a different kind). The forewarning of this ability is shown through the glowing of a part on the user's body. The user can fire these chakra waves from any part of their body, including their eyes. The only spot that they cannot fire chakra blasts are from their nose and chin. The Akumagan allows the user to take their chakra projectiling ability even further. They're able to compress chakra in their eyes and create a colored, glowing object taking the apperance of whatever shape, size, and toughness the user commands. They can then use their telekinesis ability to move this object and fling it at unsuspecting enemies.

- [b]The Akumagan allows the user to utilize the unique power of "Clairaudience." The user weaves a single or a short order of special handseals (seperate from the twelve basic ones) to enhance and change their hearing sense to the next level. Users of this ability can hear past voices and sound waves from the current area they're in right now. The user can dig out any information they want from that place depending on how deep from the past they tap in. The information becomes louder and clearer as the user moves around. If a person is in the next room, they can also hear their present voices as well.

- The Akumagan allows the user to utilize the ability of "telepathy", the art of reading minds. As long as the user is looking at one's head, they can read their current thoughts and is excellent for information collecting. However, any mind suppressment drugs/techniques or a layer that protects the mind might also cast a strain or even severe the user's telepathic ability such as the Sennou Sousa no Jutsu.

- The Akumagan gives the user to utilize the special ability of "levitation." They can lift themselves in the air using telekinetic power on themselves and "fly". They can lift themselves up and fire their special bloodline attacks from a secured distance. However, the ability is immediately disrupted when a single attack hits them as they'll be knocked back to the ground.


Shinarui Akumagan

The Shinarui Akumagan is an advanced version of the Akumagan as the Mangekyou Sharingan is an advancec version of the Sharingan. The Shinarui is a rare doujutsu that cannot be unlocked by every Akumagan holder. It's a special, powerful, and dangerous eye that cannot only be utilized by talented ninja who have seen and performed a series of ultra destruction. There're three ways to unlock the Shinarui Akumagan:

1. The most dominant way to unlock the Shinarui is that the shinobi must first be at least Jounin rank/level. Then, they must commit the surpreme act of evil of the Ninja World. This would point to murder and assasination. They must kill ten ninja of similiar rank and end their existence by blowing up their bodies to pieces. Furthermore, they must hunt down the family of one of the shinobi they've killed and kill them as well. From this terrible criminal act, their body and soul would start to detoriate from what they've done and the Shinarui Akumagan would awaken from their murderous instinct.

2. The second way for a ninja to unlock the Shinarui is that they must first be Chunin rank. Then, they must kill two shinobi from the village they're in (RP characters only, cannot gain the Shinarui this way though NPC's or by including it in history). After they've completed this way, they are offered two paths from which they can choose. One, they can either face their closest living parent/ancestor (uncles or aunts) and murder them with massive murderous intent. Or they can entirely destroy the shelter from one of their relatives or friends and "enjoy" the chaos and destruction that they've caused. From either courses, the Shinarui Akumagan will awaken from this method to reward its holder for the result of true destruction and purpose of their clan.

3. The third way to activate the Shinarui Akumagan is an extremely vile and forbidden way. A method that will surpass one's pain, damage, and sins they've caused. The holder must face another Akumagan holder and fight in a deathmatch. Then, the holder must prove demonic lust by reaching and successfully taking out an organ from their opponent. With bloodied hands, their opponent would most likely die and the holder must eat the heart like a cannibal. From the slaughter of their own "kind" that has been declared banned by the entire clan, the Shinarui Akumagan awakens.

The abilities of the Shinarui Akumagan:

clan history:
native village: Kumogakure
clan's enemy: None
Clan alliances: Darui's Clan
clan symbol: Makojin Clan (WIP) Clan
clan weapon: None
clan jutsus:


Chakra: 263
Speed: 420
Dexterity: 450
Strength: 470
Intelligence: 500

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Makojin Clan (WIP)
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