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 The Masters of Gravity

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PostSubject: The Masters of Gravity   The Masters of Gravity I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2009 8:37 pm

name:Gravity Masters
Kekkei genkai: This clan has managed to advance the magnetism element turning it into the ability to manipulate gravity. Even though this seems like a very high upgrade in power this upgrade actually turned almost all jutsu into stationary jutsu as the gravity element it much to hard to uphold on a moving target. The clan still managed to put the gravity element to good use being able to use it to set powerful traps a long with jutsu that effect the gravity around the user.
clan history: This clan was based off of a clan that was very skilled in the ability to use just that effect magnetism. As the clan began to increase in their ability to manipulate magnetism generation after generation one generation finally found a way to surpass magnetism and go on to a stronger element gravity. The ninja that gained the ability to use gravity was named Kirutsuchi said to be on of the best manipulators of magnetism known to the clan. As he began to train in only magnetism he finally learned how manipulate gravity but only with stationary and area jutsu or he would waste all his chakra in one jutsu. The ability to manipulate gravity was passed down from generation to generation and now at the current generation they still have not figured out how to manipulate gravity much like the deva path of rinnegan users and the clan fears that they never will but have found out how to set traps to cause large amounts of harm to the enemy. The deva path of rinnegan users became the idol for the clan a long with the moon as that was rumored to be the only other clan that could use the gravity element.
native village: Getsugakure
clan symbol:
clan weapon: Any weapon mostly scythes
clan jutsus: Will be added after character creation
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The Masters of Gravity
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