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 Dragon Ball Z text base game

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Z text base game   Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:52 pm

What is Dragon Ball Z text base game?: Dragon Ball Z Text base game or DBZTBG is a Text base game set in the world Of Dragon Ball Z you can train under goku or master roshi or king kai and meny more learn all of the masters special skills and battle it out with our friends and you dont need to worry about dieing once because once you die in the Dragon ball z world you just go to under world and ether train under king kai or bardock. you cant play as any of the people in the world of dragon Ball you must create one from scratch

Who run's the site?: im running the site but i will need a few mods just join and pm me if you wanna be a mod
How to contact Naruto Rivals?:You may use the Link below.
Link - Dragon Ball Z Text base game - DBZTBG -Link

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Dragon Ball Z text base game
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