Hello guest and wellcome to Naruto Rivals also known as NR. Here on NR we rp as our own characters not canons sorry guys. We also have 2 main rules that are.

1. Have Fun

see ya

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This is an all out naruto rpg site.
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NR Genin
NR Genin

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PostSubject: Reed   Reed I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 06, 2010 2:31 pm

Rank Jonin
ima Guy
black spiky hair with a blue cloak with the uchiha crest on it a scar on my nose running sideways and i have a small red scarf around my neck

I was born uchiha and i was a normal child adapt and learned 1 tomoe sharingan earlier in life allowing me to be at the top of my class.I was one of the anbu in Kumogakure due to my parents wanting me to live there with there friends because my father knew war was coming and he along with my mother were killed my Itachi Uchiha.I became a Cloud shinobi due to living there


Rank:in other RP games in Raikage but ill be a jonin

Chakra affineties :Katon:S and Raiton:S

Nindo:The uchiha ...runs all

i have a short sword called butai


Signature Jutsu:Lightning Release Armor

Chidori:Ho Senbo

Parazlying Eye Sharingan

Normal Jutsu:
Katon:burning palm
Katon:Burning foot
Katon:Legendary Fireball
:Katon:Crimson Stream
:Katon:Crimson Blaze Ball
Katon:Collasol Fieball Devasation
Katon:Fire Clone
Katon:fireball barrage
Katon:Burning Dissapearence
Raiton:Lightning Style Taijutsu
Raiton:Lightning Palm Blast
Raiton:Legendary Lightning Palm
Raiton:Chidori Senbon
Raiton:Chidori Stream
Raiton:Chidori Spear
Raiton:Chidori Ho Senbo
Liger Bomb

Lightning Oppression Horizontal

Lightning Release Armor
Legendary Raiton:Heavenly liger bomb
Legendary Raiton:Heavenly Bolts


RP sample: Reed walks in to the cloudy village of Kumogakure and begins to head off to the Raikages Mansion nodding to villagers along the way and sights a battle dummie at the top of a hill and streams some kata he then brought his right hand up, the hand bursting to life with pale blue electricity. And with the double chirping sound and the loud boom of two powerful techniques a duel Chidori.Reed then rushes at the dummie and in the blink of a eye he strikes the dummie it disintagrates and he then walks off to do his own thing

idk how i found it..i sorta..just did
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