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 Takihoshi, Karisa

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Shinobi Infomation
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PostSubject: Takihoshi, Karisa   Takihoshi, Karisa I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2010 4:17 pm

Name: Takihoshi, Karisa (last name first)

Age: 16yr
Date of Birth: feburary 6th
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Clan: Im in not clan my mother and father made up mylast name to hide my identety.

Purple dark burgendy hair thats shoulder length. Pure purple ember eyes. I have tanish white skin and my body is pear shaped while my face is heart shapped. I have Italian lips and nose. My height is 5ft 8in and weigh 157 lbs.
Personality: Careing,bad tempered when hurt or afriad, Loveing, dangerous,dark,mystrious,misunderstood, sometimes emotionless, Split personality (not like zetsu) , low self-esteem and mostly pesssimistic.
Basic Clan Information:
Clan Name: Parents were banned and changed her last name (means doesnt know where shes from)
Kekkei Genkai: Mangekyo Kagegan
[Provide a summary of the effects of the Clan's Abilities.]
Clan Symbol: Doesnt have one
Clan History: Shes mixed her father was an Uchiha and her mother was a hyuuga. They both left there village cause they weren't aloud to be with other clans.

[b]Rank Information:
Rank: B-Rank
Village: I travel i dont live in one village.

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty: Main: Kinjutsu, Sub: Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Suiton

Special Characteristics:
She has a special summoning named Diooohami. Its a five tailed elemental white wolf. She also wears a mask to hid my face and mostly my eyes.

Jutsus Styles:

Name: Bringer of Darkness
Type: Genjutsu
[b]Element: Dark
Description:Creates an illusion of complete darkness over the battlefield. Causes confusion. It increses my chance to attack also.

Name: Holy moon of souls
Type: none
Description: A move that she made up and was born with. It can take souls from a person that died from five hours ago and put them into dead people. She can only do this at night when the moon shines and only can be done in a room that can be sealed.

Name: Body Substitute Skill
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
[b]Element: none
Description:It's used to quickly replace a body with a close by object. Creates confusing among the opponent(s) - creating a chance to escape, or return with a larger strike. Useful for avoiding attacks, and hiding from potential enemies.

Name: moonsnow flower jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
[b]Element: Air (light)
Description: When she does the the jutsu it rains snow and moonflowers in the air. It also cuts through anything! Also makes people fall asleep. She would use this cause it would be another diversion and a dangerous way to go through for the opponet.

Name: Healing jutsu
Type: ninjutsu
Rank: C
[b]Element: none
Description: Heals wounds and there not winning when you dead or badly hurt!

Name: Multi shadow clone jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
[b]Element: none
Description: It's like the clone jutsu but this technique gives my clones some chakra out of mine and the clones are more then just diversions.

Name:9 Shadow Paths of God
Type: Kinjutsu
Rank: B
[b] Element: none
Description: A forbidden jutsu it summons 8 dead bodies from each soul you eather found dead or any of their remains. Also summon one of the tailed beast. This jutsu is only used if I'm hurt bad.

Name: Five scrolls of Go dia. "The five greats"

Appearance: Each scroll has a certian color and meaning. First scroll has molded blood printed on it, scroll is crimson with symbols. the scrolls are all 1ft long and have a molded blood print. The second scroll is the color of mixed ocean colors such as dark blue and sea green. The third scroll is clear sky blue,fourth is yellow with gold while the fifth scroll is bown.
Rank: A-rank
Special Abilities:
Each of her scrolls have there own elements. First is fire then water,air, lightning and earth. When she summon the scroll of fire it does Fire Dragon Flame Blast which is a jutsu that sends a stream of fire towards the opponent, in the shape of a large dragon, from the users mouth but in this case scroll. The Scroll of water is the Water dragon jutsu which uses chakara also. The third scroll, the scroll of air summons the jutsu of a ball of wind mixed with chakra. The fouth scroll is the scroll of thunder which summons a strike of thunder. The last scroll, the scroll of earth forms the earth that she stands on into quicksand. Finally when she summons the scrolls at once it makes a dark tonado combineing the elements also surrounded her snow n moon flowers which makes them into a deep sleep.

One day when she was 17 years old she traveled back to the hidden village of the leaf with her face hidden with a mask and her body covered by black and purplish color cloak. She was bored one day and went to see the hokage and he wasnt there so she just left and started walkin and bumped into a man. His name was natoro. He told her he was sorry and she told him it's ok. He saw that she was alone and asked her if she wanted to camp with him, and of course she said yes. After that they sat around the fire and he started to talk about how his sister when missing and her name was natora. So she just listened and then after that she told him her story (She left out the hyuuga and Uchiha part) and he was interested but also sad. He smiled for a bit and next thing you know she feel asleep. when she woke up he was gone so she looked around n the thing she saw was 5 scrolls. Her pendent started to glow, so she took them and kept them safe and ever since she never saw him agian.

History and RP Sample:
Before birth: Her parents names are Harumi Hyuga and Hitasuke Uchiha. Long before she was born they hid there love and met every night when the moons in the sky. Until one day a hyuga found out and told The main branch leader and when he found out he banned her because of the shame of being with a different clan. They left both thier clans with or without being banned and went to live in the Village hidden in the darkness. Four years later they had one child name Karisa. (her)
Childhood: When she was years old her parents desided to hid her clans last names and desided to have it Takihoshi Karisa. When they saw her eyes first open they saw how she had purple ember eyes. When she turned three she always trained with her father and enjoied helping her mother. When she finally turned seven she came home from Training and when she opened the door she saw her parents both get assainated by ninjas from the leaf. ..she left the village of the darkness and lived a life at the Hidden Village of rock...
New life: Gradurated ninja school at the age 10 and lived by herself. One day the village was bombed by someone and she had to leave. So she went to live in the Village hidden in the snow. She turned 15 when the king of snow died the princess of the snow dissapeared and then they came after her and the villagers. They ran away and they ninjas that attacked for fun took her.
Last and beyond for the future:
It was 15 yrs since her parents died n three yrs since she was tooken from the land of snow. The person that took her was ill and told her to come and so when she did he gave her a chakra pendent and told her to keep it on. Later on that night he died. She took what was left and she ran away from the other people that were on their way to take her. She knew if she staied at a certian village the same things would happen, she lived there and something bad happens. It turned her 23rd birthday and she's sitting in the cold. Listening to the animals eat and make noise of all sorts. She still now walk alone trying to find her way of life and find her reasons of everything. So she now travel through all villages and do want she can to want to live.
Rp Sample:
*Karisa wonders in the forest of death* i wonder what i should do n---
A guy: hmph are u ganna walk alone, girls like u shouldnt walk aone you know *he swiftly goes behind her*
Karisa: o.0 *looks at him n jumps bak* who....who are you and what do u want?
Him: You will join us....*talks slowly like a dead zombie and starts creeping her way*
Karisa: 0.o *her pendent glows while i get frighten and he gets closer*
Him: *he looks at it* hmm?
Karisa: *feels power and courage after she remeber things* NO!!! Multi shadow clone jutsu *her clones surround him* They all speak* " Now its you time to go down moonsnow flower Jutsu!!! *petals and snow fly around him like a tornado fast and he watches it*
Him: what the hell is this? *he gets an angry look*
Karisa: This is my third jutsu and now your going down! *she points to him with her index finger and the flowers stop and she lightning herself over there and formed a harpoon made of the snow *
Him: o.O!!!! Noooo!! *he tries to step back*
Karisa: *She grins and stabs it through him*
*he dies and she fall on her knees scared*
.....what came over me .....who was that ...who help me kill this bad man.?
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Takihoshi, Karisa
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