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 K-9 Transformation Jutsu

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Sagonyin Inuzuka
NR Genin
NR Genin

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PostSubject: K-9 Transformation Jutsu   Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:09 pm

Name: K-9 Transformation Jutsu
Rank: C
Element: None
Skill: Kekkei Genkei
Range: There is no range
Description: You can transform into any combination of K-9 that you have ever seen. You can also mix match parts from different K-9. And you only have the power of the part that you have.
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Kiza Hyuuga
The Hokage
The Hokage
Kiza Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: K-9 Transformation Jutsu   Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:21 pm

~This will be available to all Inuzuka Members~

Chakra Use will be 5

~Kiza Hyuuga - Konaha Chuunin - Head of Hyuuga Clan~
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K-9 Transformation Jutsu
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