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 Takigakure Leader's Office

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PostSubject: Takigakure Leader's Office   Takigakure Leader's Office I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 10:05 am

Kakuma was busy with his work, writing down papers on complaints from fellow villagers and missions. This was really a trouble to Kakuma, as he must maintain his own temper while pleasing the villagers all at the same time. Extremely hard for someone like him. What a bother, I'm all busy writing sketching all of this while the others are all in their adventurous action assignments, thought Kakuma. "With the arrival of the Chunin Exams, several of our Genin have chosen to take part of that tournament." Kakuma muttered. "Of course, I would kill them more with more tasks once they reach Chunin rank." Kakuma could feel his strangely- strong body aging already. True, he has expanded his original life force but his lifetime could only reach up to 72. He must find more hearts, somewhere around three that belong to younger shinobi, then he would have the ability to live five more decades. His Jiongu feeds on the living will within these eharts to increase Kakuma's own. While taking down piles of paperwork, Kakuma stumbled upon something that had caught his eye. It was an invitation to the Chunin Exams but there was also something under it.

Kakuma looked through the paper and it read of reports of Takigakure spies. Apparently, there was a successful stakeout at Kirigakure- the village Kakuma hated the most. After all, they had started a massacre on his entire family, now he is the only one of the Kuroito family. True, Kakuma did not have any bloodline limits or special traits, but his determination had earned him genius talent and with that he proved that even an ordinary shinobi born from ordinary parents can become an extraordinary figure in the History of the Ninja World. Focusing his attention, it appears that the Seven Swordsmen group has been undermined and no official members have made it up. There were many trainess to become a member, but it would take a few more years before they can reach such title. Kakuma knew that a century ago, the Kaguya clan had massacre Kirigakure but they were defeated by seven sword-wielding shinobi. Now that they were no more, Kakuma suddenly had an urge to start a war against them, with Kirigakure having a lower protection defense. But not yet, Kakuma needed to know more about the Mizukage and how to rid of him. This is starting to become such an unexpcted turn of events today... in our favor. laughed Kakuma. He then continued with his work, trying to get as much done today as he would have to prepare for tommorow.
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Takigakure Leader's Office
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