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 Suishou Clan

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PostSubject: Suishou Clan   Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:17 pm

Name:Suishou Clan

Kekkei genkai: Haton~Crystal Element

The Suishou clan members are able to produce and manipulate dark Crystals using a mixture of the Earth element and their own unique genetic build up. They can use the earth’s minerals in order to produce more crystals on a larger scale. The crystals can manifest in several ways which allows for a lot of versatility. What makes the Crystals truly unique is the fact that it seems to be apart of the clan members body. This allows them to harden their bones using the dark Crystal underneath their skin. This unique trait can aide a clan member in defensive situation, where their body will become so hard. That certain weapons and even jutsus at times may find it difficult to pierce their crystallized armor underneath their skin. They can also have the dark Crystals materialize on the outer layer of their body for further manipulation.

These crystals are know to be quite strong and the most common element known to ever over come it is the Lightning element due to the earth minerals that helps to form the Crystals. In terms of manipulation the dark Crystals can be broken down to resemble what most refer to as crystal sand. Or a clan member can go a different route and have it form into spikes and numerous other shapes to serve the desired purpose.

Clan History:

The Suishou clan is said to be originated in the mountainous region of Konohagakure and were often called the Dwellers of the Abyss. This name has now become a nickname for the Suishou due to the area in which they populated in the Fire country. It is said that the clan members used to live in caves that dug deep into the mountains. Strangely enough residing in these caves are the dark Crystals that the Suishou clan uses as part of their prominent Jutsus. It is an old legend that says the first two members of the Suishou clan, after seeking peace away from the constant wars of men. They fled to the mountains and somehow managed to manipulate the Crystals they found there.

It is speculated that over a period of time these Crystals soon became apart of these individuals. Going as far as becoming apart of their genetics which allowed them to further manipulate the Crystals easier. As time went by the numbers of the Suishou clan began increasing until they had enough clan members to become a formidable force. With their new found power they descended from the mountains and made a new home in the Hidden Leaf village itself. They however didn’t leave the mountains behind without any protection from pirates. Or those who would seek to use the valuable minerals of the Mountains for their own gain.

Native Village: Konoha

Clan's enemy: N/A

Clan alliances: N/A

Clan symbol:

Clan weapon: this is for clan's that use a special weapon

Clan jutsus:

Haton- Sandanjuu (Shotgun)

Rank- A
Range- Mid/Far (5~10) (10m+)

Performing the necessary hand seals, the user will break down the crystals into tiny pebbles. In which the pebbles will be fired at the opponent, with a shot gun effect. The pebbles will scatter as they approach the victim, at great speed. The main purpose of the pebbles are to pierce through the opponents skin. And in turn causing severe damage to the opponent.

Haton- Sando Katta (Sand Cutter)

Range-Mid/Far (5~10) (10m+)
Type: Supplementary

Utilizing the sand created from the crystals. The user will form the necessary hand seals, creating a large whirlwind. Should the opponent get caught in the whirlwind. They will be subjected to multiple small cuts. This is due to the refined crystal sand, small grains being sharpened. Depending on the concentration of the attack. The small cuts, could easily change to severe damage. The whirlwind will be manipulated according to the users will.

Haton- Hari Sando Keishi (Crystal sand execution)

Rank- B
Range- Mid/Far (5~10) (10m+)
Type: Supplementary

The user will break down, the crystals in to tiny minerals that looks like sand. The crystal sand will then aim to envelope the victim. And after which, the victim will be crush inside the crystal sand. The clansmen will be able to use the mineral in the ground to create even more of this crystal sand. This will then increase the users chances of trapping their opponent. The sand itself can be maneuvered very swiftly with devastating effects.

Haton - Ryuu shuren (Dragon drill)

Range-close/mid (0~5m) (5~10m)
Type- supplementary

The user will bring forth an eastern crystallized dragon. With sharp spikes, on its and body. The dragon will then attack by spinning really fast. And should the victim get caught. It will rip/ rip through the victims skin. The severity of the attack, depends on how much damage the victim took.

Haton- Sen hariken (Thousand Crystal blades)

Rank- A
Range- Mid/far (5~10m) (10m+)
Type- Attack

Using the crystal element, the user will break down the crystals into 1000, small blades. The blades are really sharp, and are able to slice an opponent effortlessly. The blades are designed to shred and opponent, by cutting them multiple times. The blades are also able to attack from any angle, which means they can catch anything. Or anyone unable to escape. The user can control the blades via his mind or by directing them with his hands.

Haton- Hari Tengai ( Crystal dome)

Range-close (0~5m)
Type- Defense

Utilizing the crystalline element. The user will perform the necessary hand seals. And then a crystallize dome will sprout from the ground. Protecting the user from harm. By encasing the user in side the crystal. This is very useful against, powerful attacks.

Name: Haton Chishio
Rank: A
Skill: Ninjutsu
Element: Kekkei Genkai
Range: Close
Description: Using their Kekkei Genkai to their advantage a Suishou clan member will harden their blood or crystallize it. This will then increase the user’s defense which also compliments the Suishou clan member’s taijutsu. By increasing their defense the user can withstand punches and kicks that would normally leave them winded or bruised. This can only be maintained for up to 5 posts at a time. The Crystallized blood can withstand even blades piercing through the skin of the Suishou clansmen. It acts as an absolute defense against danger. Punching a Suishou clansmen while this technique is in use, can be like trying to punch through metal. In most causes it would be the opponent that suffers the most as a result. This particular ability also prevents and protects the clansman against broken bones and such.

Haton~ Airon Shojo~ Iron Maiden
Rank~ A
Skill: Ninjutsu
Element: Kekkei Genkai
Range: Far
Description: Airon Shojo comes to life whenever the Suishou clansman breaks down the crystal into sand. And by doing so trapping an opponent inside of it, the user will then not only crush. But to also punish the opponent trapped inside by using spikes to pierce the opponent. The spikes will come from all directions impaling the target trapped inside. The crushing and piercing of the opponent’s body will be simultaneous. This particular Jutsu can be very formidable with the user having absolute control. This means the Suishou clansman can manipulate the Crystal sand in any way shape or form.

Name: Haton Enban~ Crystal Disks
Rank: B
Skill: Ninjutsu
Element: Haton [Kekkei Genkai]
Range: Mid (5-10m)
Description: Utilizing the Crystal element of the Suishou clan, the user will create 10 crystallized dark disks that are 3ft in both width and height. The disks and pretty dense and quite sharp and will be maneuvered in order to cut throw it’s target(s). The disks may even provide defense for the user by acting as a shield. The disks weakness is against the Lightning element as one would expect. The disks may at time utilize the sun in order to create a blinding reflection while moving through the air. This may catch an opponent off guard at times. The disk will also take on the shape of a windmill Shuriken with even more potency when it attacks.

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PostSubject: Re: Suishou Clan   Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:20 pm

Meh Done for now
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PostSubject: Re: Suishou Clan   Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:00 pm

Mhm.... this would just be Shouton... no dark crystals but you can change its color...
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PostSubject: Re: Suishou Clan   Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:26 pm

Add in the chakra that is needed for each jutsu. The Info can be found in the Updates section.


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PostSubject: Re: Suishou Clan   Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:45 pm

Kekkei Genkai: This clan has the ability to manipluate blood (not inside a person, it would have to be infused with their chakra) to preform a unique array of jutsu. Saikens have also been trained to learn how to use water jutsu with blood instead allowing them to use their water jutsu with blood.
Clan history: The Saiken clan is one with mysterious origins. Its secrets are only know by the clan elders. Its said that in Otogakure the kage was preforming experiements to create a new clan with the ability to bend blood. A Saiken was born but it didnt have the ability to completely bend blood, just manipluate it to an extent. The Otakage was furious and attempted to have the 1st Saiken killed off. However the Saiken was more powerful than the Kage expected and wiped out his assassins as well as fled the village. He started a family and his trait passed thus the Saiken clan came into creation.
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PostSubject: Re: Suishou Clan   

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Suishou Clan
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